Real estate in Saint Aygulf: Arthur Immo
Syndic Standard/Trustee Home : From 1953, the AGI agency invested in the development of the real estate park in the management of the co-ownerships, with a master's idea: The management at the service of co-owners, in an effective partnership, and in the respect of the laws regulating the real estate parks. Our mission
To respect the co-ownership regulations.
Manage the building.
To represent the co-ownership in all civil and legal proceedings.
To support the preservation of the building.
Keep the archives of the building.
Our strengths
Regular syndical consultation and meetings in agreement with him.
Visits on site of the trustee or the principal, according to the regularity defined by the syndic contract.
Opening of a separate bank account for each co-ownership.
Accounting plan application of the SRU law.
A contentious monitoring and the repayment of unpaid bills, each month.
The budget comparison between the expenses realized in the current fiscal year, the budget forecast and the unpaid bills, sent to the syndical president at his request.
Finally, a syndic contract conform to the national consumer commission's prescriptions.
Staff 36 people including 17 attached to the syndic management
Director Frédéric BOUCHET Manager Titled
Accounting service 5 people Responsible Mme BADER
Co-ownership managers M. BOUCHET Nicolas M. BOUCHET Frédéric Mme. DOUET Delphine M. FOURTEAU Frédéric M. JUZIAN Estève Mme. TRISTRAM Anne-Sophie 5 assistants